INTO THE VALLEY The Untold Story of USAAF Troop Carrier in World War II From North Africa through Europe
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Exploring the History of the USAAF Troop Carrier

History of the USAAF Troop Carrier

439th Group marshaled for double-tow takeoffs, Rhine River Crossing.

Learn about the cutting-edge development of USAAF Airborne-Troop Carrier in World War II in INTO THE VALLEY. This amazing book is loaded with WWII combat photos, as well as unvarnished stories by those who were actually there in the historic battles . Order your copy today to add to your collection!

Last minute briefing as crews wait for fog to lift, 18 Sept 1944, invasion of Holland

The concept of warfare in the 3rd dimension remains a vital part of modern warfare, but the technology of delivery has changed dramatically since it was first developed WWII. INTO THE VALLEY describes the evolution of aerial warfare through firsthand accounts, analysis, maps and photos.

Carrier Evolution
LTC Charles Young and COL Robert Sink make “the bet” on the night before D-Day.

INTO THE VALLEY, The Untold Story of USAAF Troop Carrier in World War II offers fascinating insight into the operations of a little-known but highly productive USAAF combat outfit. Check out these book reviews and see why readers love this book.

Book Reviews

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About the Book

Discover the history behind the airborne Troop Carrier in INTO THE VALLEY, The Untold Story of USAAF Troop Carrier in World War II. This extraordinary, 615-page World War II book uses a lively blend of firsthand accounts by power pilots, air crew members, glider pilots, airborne troopers and many others to tell the stories of historic battles fought from the vantage from the vertical flank: Normandy, Southern France, North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Holland and the Rhine River Crossing. 

The book is printed on acid-free matte paper and distributed from Taos, New Mexico. It features stories, maps, and more than 600 rare photos of Troop Carrier development and operations. There are currently only 550 copies left in stock, so order yours today!


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