INTO THE VALLEY The Untold Story of USAAF Troop Carrier in World War II From North Africa through Europe
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Book Reviews

"Most of the books on the USAAF have centered on the 'glamour' units, the fighters and bombers. Somewhere along the way someone determined that the operations of troop carrier units were not glamorous and thus not worthy of discussion. To the contrary, such operations paint a rich picture of USAAF operations that at times were much more important to the success of the Allies during the war than the shooting down of enemy planes or dropping bombs.

One of the better recent works on the war INTO THE VALLEY is very well produced, with numerous high-quality photographs (most never published before) and maps. It is a very fine history of a too-neglected subject, and is must-reading for anyone who seeks a full understanding of the multi-faceted role the USAAF played in World War II."
—Air Power History, USAF

"Of all the combat units that made major contributions to the Allied victory in World War II, one story remains largely undiscovered. Until recently, the record of USAAF Troop Carrier has been overlooked and sometimes misunderstood. This has now been remedied by the new book, INTO THE VALLEY, the definitive history of Troop Carrier. This book is one of the essential volumes in anyone's shelf of key books on World War II: A must."
—Gen. John R. Galvin, USA (Ret.), Former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe

"Young's book delivers the goods-scores of unvarnished accounts by veterans, accompanied by historical essays, interesting photographs, and useful maps. This is a lively and informative work about an important aspect of World War II air power history."
—HQ USAF Historical Office, Department of the Air Force, Richard P. Hallion, SES, Air Force Historian

"INTO THE VALLEY is a lively blend of personal recollections and visual images set in proper context by the selective use of well-crafted historical narrative. Written largely by the men who participated in the American version of warfare in the 'third dimension,' it will take its place as the definitive compendium of the USAAF's Troop Carrier Command experience. The addition of statistical and textual appendices will make the book a standard reference for scholars."
—Dr. Mark P. Parillo, Editor, WWII Studies Association, Editorial Board Member, Journal of Military History

"INTO THE VALLEY is an outstanding synthesis of accounts about pilots who flew troop carrier aircraft and the airborne soldiers who were transported into battle by them. It is a well-researched book based on primary sources with a mix of interviews and personal experiences of the author. The airborne community is fortunate that Col. Young kept a record of his actions as they occurred, for he is a pioneer of airborne warfare."
—Robert P. Anzuoni, Department of the Army, Chief Curator, 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

“Col. Charles Young has used comments from his personal diary and woven in the eye-witness accounts of his airmen with those of his ‘one-way’ riders, and with the planners of the various operations, and even with civilians in occupied Europe who participated in these events, including the ‘underground.’ Col. Young was in position to provide a view of the big picture from the top echelon down . . . .”
George Koskimaki, Historian, 101st Airborne Division Association, author of D-Day with the Screaming Eagles; Hell’s Highway and The Battered Bastards of Bastogne

"By far the best all-encompassing history of the combined operations and endeavors of Troop Carrier and Airborne during World War II . . . the story I want my children and grandchildren to read and have."

—Joel L. Crouch, Colorado, IX TCC Pathfinders, WWII

“For the very first time, Col. Charles H. Young tells the complete and heroic story of the USAAF’s combat Troop Carrier Command. The deeds of tow pilots, air crew members, glider pilots, airborne glider infantry and paratroopers are skillfully blended into this remarkable saga that has until now remained one of the best kept secrets of World War II. For those who proudly wore the Troop Carrier Command badge, it is a must-have book. For historians and WW II buffs, this will be an eye-opener . . . . A collector’s item worth twice the price!”
William K. Horn, Editor-Publisher, Silent Wings 

“When I finished reading Into The Valley, I thanked God that I had been assigned to the B-26 Marauders instead of the Troop Carriers. I have had to reappraise my B-26 Marauder combat tour and, even for the most rough missions that were undertaken, find those missions diminished by the combat and environmental exposure and the tremendous work of the Troop Carriers. If you read Into The Valley and are not chilled to the bone by the accounts set forth, you have not been there. If you want to learn about a major facet of air warfare, Into The Valley will lead you down the road.”
Gen. John O. Moench, USAF (Ret.), Historian, B-26 Marauder Historical Society

“This is a magnificent job of book making. The ability to hold all these different sorts of materials together in a coherent account shows that the author and editor possess rare talent. And, all the photos are a treasure . . . It is positively startling how many of these photos came out so clearly reproduced in this book.”
Martin Wolfe, author of Green Light!